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Brand: Imker Taschler Edi

Acacia honey - Imker Taschler Edi - 500g

The acacia trees begin to bloom in early May and provide the first important honey production in the bee year. The acacia honey stays liquid for a long time thanks to its high fructose content. It has a very delicate fruity aroma and is therefore ideal as a sugar substitute.

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Brand: Rieper

Kamut khorasan wheat flour - Rieper - organic - 1kg

KAMUT® khorasan wheat is an ancient relative of durum wheat and was probably first cultivated in ancient Egypt. Today the KAMUT® khorasan cereal comes from controlled organic cultivation and thanks to its extraordinary qualities - particularly suitable for the preparation of baked goods - it enjoys ever-increasing popularity. With its mild flavor, KAMUT®...

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Darbo - seville bitter orange jam - 450g

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Here, the taste of sun-ripened fruit finds its way onto bread: Darbo's orange jam makes for a perfect breakfast or a fruity-sweet snack.

-according to an old family recipe
-high fruit content for a perfect orange aroma
-Naturally pure production without colorings and preservatives


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It is in the nature of things that the secret of a good jam is no secret.

Darbo all-natural jams are made on the basis of an old family recipe. Then as now, only high-quality fruits are gently warmed and stirred. This preserves the natural fruit aroma. In addition, the high fruit content ensures an unforgettable taste experience. Fruits, sugar, lemon juice concentrate and the gelling agent pectin are used for our all-natural jams.

In Darbo Naturrein only nature comes in.

Product name: Bitter orange jam peels roughly cut

Dimensions: gross weight: 655 grams
                        Net content: 450 grams

Contact: Address: 6135 Stans / Tyrol, Austria
                Name: A. Darbo AG

Storage: Keep refrigerated after opening.

Ingredients: sugar, oranges, water, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent pectin.
Made from 35 g of fruit per 100 g.

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0088 - TEM
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Reference: 0087 - TEM

Brand: Darbo

Darbo - Rose apricot jam - 450g

From now on there is fruity on breakfast bread. The delicious apricot jam from Darbo ensures a successful start to the day. -gently processed fruits -Excellent taste experience due to high fruit content -naturally pure ingredients

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Reference: 0090 - TEM

Brand: Darbo

Darbo - Garden strawberry's - 450g

Real fruit enjoyment, like from the garden at home: The strawberry jam from Darbo tastes delicious like freshly picked, sweet fruit. -aromatic taste due to the high proportion of garden strawberries -gentle production through gentle heating and stirring -Use of natural ingredients

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Reference: 0086 - TEM

Brand: Darbo

Darbo - Black cherry jam - 450g

Only selected fruits are used in Darbo's black cherry jam. It tastes fruity and sweet on the bread roll or in the dessert. -Black cherry jam with 50 g of fruit per 100 g -made according to a traditional family recipe

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