Reference: 0024 - KARA

Brand: Imker Taschler Edi

Acacia honey - Imker Taschler Edi - 500g

The acacia trees begin to bloom in early May and provide the first important honey production in the bee year. The acacia honey stays liquid for a long time thanks to its high fructose content. It has a very delicate fruity aroma and is therefore ideal as a sugar substitute.

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Reference: 0115 - TEM

Brand: Rieper

Kamut khorasan wheat flour - Rieper - organic - 1kg

KAMUT® khorasan wheat is an ancient relative of durum wheat and was probably first cultivated in ancient Egypt. Today the KAMUT® khorasan cereal comes from controlled organic cultivation and thanks to its extraordinary qualities - particularly suitable for the preparation of baked goods - it enjoys ever-increasing popularity. With its mild flavor, KAMUT®...

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Lemongrass puree 450g BRESC

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The full tomato flavour producer. Strattu di Pomodoro means "tomato extract". Strattu is the essence of Sicilian cuisine. The tomato puree tastes like sun-dried tomatoes and can be found in almost every Italian recipe. Very suitable for all applications in Italian cuisine such as tomato sauces, soups and dressings. Due to the naturally present glutamates in the tomato, Strattu di Pomodori acts as an umami bringer in any dish.

Sun-dried tomato 30% (tomato, salt), water, olive oil, dried tomato 15%, basil 1.8%, sunflower oil, salt 0.1%, acidifier (lactic acid), preservative (potassium sorbate).

Energy (kcal) 1199
Energy (kJ) 290
Carbohydrates 19,1g
of which sugar 12,3g
Fat 23g
thereof saturated fatty acids 3,2g
Protein 4,5g
Salt 3,1g

What started in 1991 with vineyard snails in jars, aimed at the better gastronomy, has now grown into an independent organisation with a product branch in Werkendam (The Netherlands).

Bresc, the specialist in chilled garlic and herb products, focuses on the European gastronomy market.

From the concept of chilled fresh, we have always focused more on the European gastronomy and the need for garlic and herb products for culinary professionals. In a world that is strongly subject to trends and mondial influences, we have become a garlic and herbs connoisseur. With a broad and deep assortment, we offer a chilled solution for every segment in the catering industry. From simple purees to herb melanges inspired by foreign pure flavours. All this with today's user-friendliness and consistent quality.

Bresc B.V.
Jakobsstaf 6
NL - 4251 LW Werkendam

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Reference: 0028 - ALTRO

Brand: Altromercato

Whole nutmegs - Altromercato - 30g

Whole nutmegs from Sri Lanka, in a practical natural box. -Packaged in ginger and banana fiber paper -Collection worked by hand by groups of women -The only nut to be shelled before use for an extraordinary resinous and woody fragrance.

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Reference: 0027 - ALTRO

Brand: Altromercato

Ground ginger - Altromercato - 30g

Ground ginger from Sri Lanka, in a practical natural box. -Packaged in ginger and banana fiber paper -Collection worked by hand by groups of women -Ideal for sweet doughs along with cinnamon and cardamom.

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