About us

We are the Rebels of the Hills

The origin of the idea of ​​creating an online site was crucial for us in 2020. Implementation, Financing and Precise Planning could therefore be worked out in early 2021. The digital world has changed a lot, everything has been and it will be much easier in the future, including the online shopping experience. Many advantages can be for example:

-No long queues over the counter or bar
-Do not carry heavy shopping bags around
-No long car journeys in often busy areas
-No long searches for Parking
-No parking costs
-No long search for products, just enter them in the search bar
-You will find several suppliers (companies) on one online site

Due to the Situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic many small businesses have suffered high power losses because we come from a place that depends a lot on tourism. With our "Online shop" project we can try to make up for this time because we are allowed to reach out to a European customer base to support small local shops. We are currently still in the development stage and are very grateful to receive every single order now and in the future. You are welcome to make your own personal opinions, ratings, product suggestions or simply changes so that we can offer you the best possible user experience.
Thanks and enjoy shopping.

Sincerely yours, Dominic e Markus

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