Reference: 0024 - KARA

Brand: Imker Taschler Edi

Acacia honey - Imker Taschler Edi - 500g

The acacia trees begin to bloom in early May and provide the first important honey production in the bee year. The acacia honey stays liquid for a long time thanks to its high fructose content. It has a very delicate fruity aroma and is therefore ideal as a sugar substitute.

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Reference: 0115 - TEM

Brand: Rieper

Kamut khorasan wheat flour - Rieper - organic - 1kg

KAMUT® khorasan wheat is an ancient relative of durum wheat and was probably first cultivated in ancient Egypt. Today the KAMUT® khorasan cereal comes from controlled organic cultivation and thanks to its extraordinary qualities - particularly suitable for the preparation of baked goods - it enjoys ever-increasing popularity. With its mild flavor, KAMUT®...

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Drinks are liquids with various flavors, including many well-known brands such as Coca Cola that are produced industrially. However, we focus more on handcrafted products, some of which come directly from the farmer, or on distributing products from local producers.

A distinction is made between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, depending on the consumption, it can bring the body into various states.
Which is the best drink is up to you, it's a matter of taste!

We wish you lots of drinking fun.

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