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Brand: Imker Taschler Edi

Acacia honey - Imker Taschler Edi - 500g

The acacia trees begin to bloom in early May and provide the first important honey production in the bee year. The acacia honey stays liquid for a long time thanks to its high fructose content. It has a very delicate fruity aroma and is therefore ideal as a sugar substitute.

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Brand: Rieper

Kamut khorasan wheat flour - Rieper - organic - 1kg

KAMUT® khorasan wheat is an ancient relative of durum wheat and was probably first cultivated in ancient Egypt. Today the KAMUT® khorasan cereal comes from controlled organic cultivation and thanks to its extraordinary qualities - particularly suitable for the preparation of baked goods - it enjoys ever-increasing popularity. With its mild flavor, KAMUT®...

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Pinot Blanc - Caldaro winery - 750ml - 2022


Grape varierty: 100% South Tyrol Pinot Blanc
Fresh and fruit-dominated nose, Golden Delicious apples, pears and quince. Juicy with a pleasing acidity and fruit-basket aromas on the finish.

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Color: brilliant yellow. Nose: fresh and fruit-dominated nose, with overtones of Golden Delicious apples, pears and quince. Taste: juicy with a pleasing acidity and fruit-basket aromas on the finish. 

Grape variety: 
Pinot Blanc - South Tyrol DOC 

Production area: 
Steep, easterly sloping vineyards between 450 and 600 meters above sea level. Mineral-rich, loamy / chalky gravel with a proportion of sand. 

Whole-cluster pressing of ripe and healthy grapes, natural must clarification, fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18°C, 4-month ageing on the fine lees in stainless steel. 

Ageing potential: 
more than 3 years. 

Food pairing: 
This wine is well suited to light appetizers and fish dishes, and could also be enjoyed alone as an aperitif. 

Serving temperature: 
10 - 12°C. 

Bottle to: 
750 ml - 75 cl - 0,75 lt.

wine can contain sulphites. 

Kaltern Winery 
Cantina Kaltern has its roots in Kaltern’s four original winery cooperatives. 1986 saw the merger of the Erste Kellerei and the Neue Kellerei (founded in 1900 and 1925 respectively), and in 1992 the Bauernkellerei and the Jubiläumskellerei (founded in 1906 and 1908) also merged to form Kellerei Kaltern. The last step in the creation of a combined winery was taken in 2016. Today Cantina Kaltern it is a co-op winery of 700 families that look after the almost 490 ha of vineyards. The winery is a landmark for the wines produced in the Lake Kaltern area and the wine under the famous appellation of “Kalterersee” travels the world. They offer moments of relaxed, light heartedness and trigger the wanderlust of experience this unique region. The winery gets deeply involved in the preservation of the local traditions, the rural culture and the land of Caldaro as a whole, land which has always been heritage of the locals. 

Cantina Kaltern Società agricola 
Via Cantine 12 
IT - 39052 Caldaro (BZ)

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